Displacements: an x’scape journal – Call for Papers

November 2012: Berlin – Auschwitz
Call opens on November 2013 | Call for submissions deadline January 12th, 2014 | Selected works announcement January 26th, 2014 | Release date Displacements PlanA #1 March, 2014 (Brussels)

Displacements: an x’scape journal is an architectural & editorial project working to face in an integrated way the two essential aspects of any critical practice: knowledge and action. In order to do this, displacements opens its first call for written and/or cartographic essays, projects, or any other editable formats, working in and from the ambiguous relationship between law and architecture.

Understanding the nomos as a social process inseparable from the production of a common spatiality means that the relationship between law and architecture appears as a constituent social practice in which bodies, customs and territory materialize in landscape.

When exception turns into rule a zone of vagueness and indeterminacy appears, a zone in which the possibility for criminal displacements lies. Displacements born out of the need to operate in and from that area of ambiguity defined by the post-democratic contemporary exception.

Crime allows us to detect and understand the workings behind these new contemporary legal zones. Zones which are the result of an ongoing reconfiguration process between the bodies, practices and dispositifs forming them. To be able to analyze and act on them, it becomes necessary to look beyond scalar, disciplinary or historical divisions, from an expanded concept of landscape able to assert its ecological, political and social complexity.

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DISPLACEMENTS is soliciting essays ranging from 2000 to 3500 words, cartographic and mapping works, projects, or any other editable formats (video, audio, and other non-printable formats are welcomed as well). Graphic-based submissions will be accompanied by a text no longer than 500 words. Submissions must be previously unpublished and sent in complete form with a short bio of the author or authors todisplacementsjournal [a] gmail . com

Written material: Microsoft Word (.doc) format | Graphic material – Photography: CMYK with a 300 dpi resolution. JPEG or TIFF format | Graphic material – Drawings: Adobe PDF format | All material should be properly referenced and sources quoted in MLA Citation Style | All entries must be submitted either in English or Spanish