I Congreso Internacional Migraciones Contemporáneas, Territorio y Urbanismo

Call for abstracts

9th-10th July 2015 | Abstracts accepted until 24th April 2015 | Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

The Congress aims to generate debate on territorial and urban effects arising from the migratory movements of the early decades of the century.

The Congress aims to serve as a pooling of the various researches being carried out about the impact of migration on the territory, both Spanish and international experiences. Migration flows identified for the case of South East Spain are classified in three sections. More topics could be added for the congress.

  • Migrations North to South – associated with the residential complexes built for the North European citizens, mainly looking for a place of retirement. The effect on the territory is usually on form of low density developments (‘resorts’) or high density tourist spots.
  • Migrations South to North – associated with population coming mainly from northern areas of Africa, south of the Sahara and South America seeking improvement of life conditions as those enjoyed in their places of origin through employment in Spain. The effect on the territory is often linked to certain neighborhoods ghettofication and the occupation of lands near work activity areas.
  • Internal migrations and micro-migrations- associated with changes in lifestyle in the last decades of the twentieth century and first of the XXI century. This flow is focussed in some metropolitan areas in form of urban sprawl, related to the search for a residential unit in natural surroundings next to the urban environment of the city.

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