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Urban planning by Le Corbusier: infrastructure, contemplation, and poetics

di Mickeal Milocco Borlini


On the topic of Landscape, in any form, certain projects by Le Corbusier (LC) may be said to have unquestionably maintained a sense of both development and continuity with the modern era. Projects such as the Rio de Janeiro and Algiers ones prove that certain concepts LC engaged with remain valid to this day and that current approaches to urban planning still rely on his same composition dynamics.An intimate poetic of landscape contemplation arises from his work, as well as a specific positioning of his constructions (and infrastructures) towards the best possible spot for observing the natural and urban context, so that it may pervade his residential buildings and thus be admired. Several of LC’s ideas continue to live on in the present, namely his principles for the creation of urban condensers, various examples of layered functions, and the idea of a diverse typology of roads as a means of improving both a neighborhood’souter perception, as well as its living conditions, without forcing discontinuities.

Mickeal Milocco Borlini was born in Palmanova in 1985. He graduated at Politecnico di Milano and obtained a Ph.D. in Architecture at Sapienza University in 2018. He currently works as Researcher and Edu. Ambassador for IUVAS in Florence. He worked in Canada (Montréal) at Relief DesignLandscape studio. His research interests are: Urban regeneration, Social and public space, Architectural and urban spatial Theory, Underground infrastructures and architectures, Soil Sub-Soil and Urban Hybridization.

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