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numero 20, anno 2019

Nota Etica | Publication ethics
Processo di peer-review | Peer-review process
Revisori QU3 | QU3 Reviewers

Energy Planning in Mediterranean Landscapes Innovation Paths in Practices and Careers

Integrated energy planning is intended as a set of approaches, processes and practices aimed at bringing together different disciplinary contributions dealing with manifold energy issues.
The aim of this Issue is to debate on tools and methods addressing the energy transition in the Mediterranean countries, moving from the experience of two Erasmus + projects, E-Resplan and Eneplan, in which Roma Tre University has been respectively partner and co-ordinator.
In the light of national and international research programs well rooted within legislative and regulatory frameworks, the papers conjure up an original palette of issues bridging energy transition approaches led by energy efficiency targets, notably building stock retrofitting, and by the urge for decarbonization and energy security requirements, with environmental concerns about climate change, biodiversity and the ecological approach.

editoriale di/introduction by Anna Laura Palazzo & Federica Benelli
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Planning neighbourhood decarbonisation in Mediterranean cities
di/by R. M. Pulselli, M. Maccanti, E. Neri & N. Patrizi
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Planning a market-supported decarbonisation of the building stock in the Region of Lazio
di/by F. Camerata, S. Ombuen & D. Quaresima
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Capitalizing the Enerscapes MED project: a contribute to the review of the Lazio Landscape Plan
di/by F. Benelli & S. Magaudda
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The ‘landscape’ as a basic unit for integrated energy planning in the Mediterranean
di/by Y. Abunnasr
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